Rapid Fire Reviews: True Crime and The Ghost Bride

Samantha Kolesnik’s True Crime is an unflinching and unforgiving look into the life of Suzy and her brother, Lim. There’s something kind of like sibling love between them, or, at the very least, Lim is protective of his sister and she appreciates it. They also share an affinity for murder, beginning with their mother (trust me, it’s certainly no loss). I hated this book, but in a really good way. Well written, fast paced, it holds on from the first word and refuses to let go, but the content is so depressing. You keep hoping things will get better and, well…

I recommend this book for fans of bleak, realistic horror. Just be in a good headspace when you pick it up.

The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo is supernatural historical fiction that follows Li Lan, a beautiful young woman who finds herself on the receiving end of an unusual proposal from a pushy groom. Bad enough in itself, but to make matters worse, he’s also a ghost. To free herself from an eternity spent beside a spoiled man-child, Li Lan takes matters into her own hands and dives into the Chinese afterlife. An absolutely delightful book populated with vivid settings and characters. One part ghost story, one part fantasy adventure, a dash of romance, and you’ve got yourself one great read.

Highly recommend to fans of Chinese lore, strong female leads, and mysterious handsome helpers.


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