Calling Darkness: Season 2, Episode 1 is now out!

Season 2. Episode 1. We're Not in Crowe House Anymore. OUT NOW!! Wherever you get your podcasts. Please share! CALLING DARKNESS is a woman-led #horror comedy #podcast following six women who came together for an acting seminar & accidentally summoned a demon. I am the writer for season 2 and voice the character of Bridgette.... Continue Reading →

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The second episode of Calling Darkness season two has dropped!

The second episode of CALLING DARKNESS season two has dropped! Old stomping grounds get retread, old friends are reunited (kind of), and we learn what's worse than being haunted by an 80s heartthrob. Please listen, review, and share! Listen here!

😈Calling Darkness Bonus Content😈

Loose Pages is a series of shorts previously released on Patreon that gives glimpses into the lives of CD's characters before Crowe House. Listen wherever you get your podcasts while waiting for next week's episode! First up: Fresh Take with Annabelle Crowe! First up: Fresh Take with Annabelle Crowe! Listen here!

The Boogeyman of Yarrowmarch

All urban legends start as something real. I don't know if that's actually, scientifically true, but it's what I believe (and these days, isn't that enough to make it true?). Sometimes it's fear-based and the legends become a warning of sorts, like all the child-drowning ladies in white who are used to keep kids away... Continue Reading →

Inheriting Her Goats

She died alone, unless you count the goats. I'm not sure I do, but she probably would have. She preferred them to people. I couldn't blame her. A lifetime of letdown will do that to you. I liked to think I was the best of the worst; the one person she could count on, even... Continue Reading →

I Know Why They Call It Big Head Lake

I hated camping. My boyfriend loved it. So we compromised and went camping. I put on a brave face, packed my bug spray, and let him do everything else. He assured me it would be great. Fun. Nothing like the disastrous trips of my childhood where my sister wet her sleeping bag and cried until... Continue Reading →

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