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MY SECOND BOOK IS OFFICIALLY OUT IN EBOOK AND PAPERBACK FORMAT!! It’s been months and months in the making, but my second book is officially out in e-book and paperback format! From Twisted Roots is a horror anthology about the ups and downs of family life. It includes 5 brand new, book exclusive tales &... Continue Reading →

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Dolly Dearest

I wasn’t allowed to have friends when I was little. Children were loud and messy and got into everything. Mommy wasn’t well and she couldn’t handle that sort of thing. I wasn’t even enrolled in school. Mommy took care of all of my lessons. I was an advanced reader from an early age and I... Continue Reading →


Weekly Writing Schedule

OK SO! It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve written anything and I think that’s enough time to feel rejuvenated. It’s time to make a schedule! Today: Chapter 3 of Caw & Order Tomorrow: My portion of a collab with a good friend Thursday: Start pilot script for Calling Darkness Friday: Finish pilot script, write... Continue Reading →

Fat Camp

I was an addict. I denied it for a long time, came up with excuses as to why what I was doing was ok, convinced myself that I wasn't hurting anyone, so it didn't really matter, all the typical justification that are shouted up from the depths of a downward spiral. When Mom noticed, she... Continue Reading →

The Victorian Ideal

I hadn't wanted to go out that night. I was tired and grumpy after a long week of work, but Angie convinced me. "A few beers, some dancing, you'll feel all better!" "I really think I'd rather stay home." I told her. "I'm already halfway there, so hang up, get ready, and put a damn... Continue Reading →

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