Book-TCGThe Corpse Garden

S.H. Cooper’s first book is a collection of fourteen short horror stories that chronicle obsession, loss, and why you should be afraid of things that go bump in the night.
“Some books just beg to be reviewed, this is one of them. I absolutely LOVED this book. As soon as I finished it (at 2:45 AM, mind you) I went on Amazon to see what else this author had available. NOTHING! S. H. Cooper, get busy writing and I am going to check out your other avenue of writing. Get this book, you won’t be disappointed until you look for more…” – In Honor of Books
“This book is difficult to put down and the stories are hauntingly beautiful as well as disturbing. I would encourage any fan of the genre to check out this book, and I eagerly await for future stories from this talented up-and-coming author.” – j.something

From Twisted Roots

The most wholesome families have the darkest secrets. 
In this collection, you’ll experience intimate first hand accounts of modern day murders, kidnappings, and violent revenge. Other stories are heartwarming with whimsical mysteries, gothic fairy tales, and supernatural monstrosities.
SO SCARY!! This fine collection, varied but always with impact, will likely keep you awake at night, and will definitely burrow into your memories to recur when you least expect (such as middle of the night or in dreams). If you enjoy the short fiction of Sheri White, I predict you will also enjoy S. H. Cooper’ s personal brand of horror.” – Mallory A. Haws
Aptly titled, this book is a delightfully twisted collection of short horror stories. Right from the start, Cooper draws you into her world and keeps you there. You never know what you’re going to get from one story to the next, but you know you’re going to enjoy the ride.” – Roxie Reviews

The Festering Ones


A monster lurking in the mountain.
A mysterious cult seeking a doorway.
An otherworldly evil waiting to be unleashed.
Faith York was a young girl when she saw her father dragged into the ground by a spider-armed woman, never to be seen again. Twenty years later, the events of that day continue to haunt her, and her need for answers has only grown stronger with time. After her estranged mother’s death forces her to return home, old wounds are reopened and Faith finally decides to face her demons. What started as a search for closure soon pits her against a shadowy cult known as The Gathered and the eldritch beings they worship. With reality becoming more blurred by the day and the thousand eyes of an alien deity fixed on her, Faith must decide if the dark secrets of White Crow Mountain are really worth losing herself over.
The Festering Ones by S.H. Cooper is one wild ride from start to finish. There is so much going one within this story that it leaves you begging for more! Every page brings another punch of mystery, fear, and excitement. This was my personal favorite read of 2019. ” – SwampDweller
From start to finish, this story was an adventure full of rich characters and creepy lore that drew me in from the first paragraph. ” – Priscilla J. Tilton

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