Review: Midnight In The Graveyard by various authors

It’s no secret that my favorite subgenre of horror is ghost stories, so when Silver Shamrock Publishing offered a copy of Midnight In The Graveyard for honest review, I jumped at it.

Before we get into the stories themselves, can we just take a moment to appreciate that cover? It evokes exactly the kind of mood I want to be in when I’m sitting down to a read about restless spirits.

To put it simply, this is an anthology that offers something for everyone who enjoys ghosts. The tales range from traditional gothic themes such as my personal favorite, Euphemia Christie, to the less conventional, but no less creepy, like Portrait. Each contributor brought something unique to the collection and no two stories were alike. While a few were predictable, most were refreshing in their takes on one of the most classic tropes in horror. 

Other standouts for me include Cool For Cats, The Gravedigger’s Story, and Haunted World. The premise of each is interesting and I would love to see them expanded on! 

Overall, the stories are solid. Inevitably, there were a couple that I found myself skimming more than reading, but the majority were able to draw me in and delivered all the spookiness a reader could ask for from a horror collection. I would definitely recommend Midnight In The Graveyard to anyone looking for some bite-sized scares!

I’ve listed the stories below with their author and a brief description: 

Devil’s Dip by Shannon Felton: A man thought he wanted to stay in touch with a high school friend, reminisce about the good times. But when they finally do catch up, more than old memories resurface.

Tug O’ War by Chad Lutzke: Men gather at their dying friend’s bedside and offer comfort to his grieving almost-widow, only to make things so much worse.

Euphemia Christie by Catherine Cavendish: A young woman becomes embroiled in a century old mystery with very present consequences.

Justin’s Favorite by Jeremy Hepler: A couple move into a new house, but the boyfriend is called away to work, leaving the girlfriend home alone. At least, she thought so.

Holes in the Fabric by Todd Keisling: A woman volunteers to help clean up the aftermath of a cult. What’s waiting for her, however, is far worse than a little bit of bloodshed.

Dog Days by Kenneth W. Cain: A series of letters detail strange canine behavior.

Drown by Hunter Shea: A couple with the ability to sense and release trapped spirits are called to a B&B, where things aren’t as quaint as they first seem.

Those Who Are Terrified by Elizabeth Massie: A trio of sisters staying with their grandparents begin unraveling dark secrets beneath their grandfather’s work.

Cool for Cats by William Meikle: A bitter woman devises a new way to support herself after her live-in employer’s death. 

Russian Dollhouse by Jason Parent: Four young friends are lured to an abandoned house that seems to have come alive for Halloween.

Sawmill Road by Ronald Kelly: A pair of friends reminisce about a childhood brush with a local urban legend.

Bettor’s Edge by Tim Meyer: A betting man’s final gamble brings him face to face with his haunted past.

The Graveyard by Lee Mountford: A boy learns that the graveyard beside his house gives him chills for a very good reason.

Join My Club by Somer Canon: A small boy meets a new friend while trying to avoid an abusive home life.

The Cemetery Man by John Everson: Late night dalliances in a graveyard get hot enough to disturb the dead.

New Blood, Old Skin by Glenn Rolfe: A horror writer’s desire to be taken more seriously takes a dark turn when he uncovers an old drawing.

The Glimmer Girls by Kenneth McKinley: A new job painting watch faces turns out to be a ticking time bomb.

Haunted World by Robert McCammon: The living are having to learn to exist alongside ghosts, who might not be as harmless as they first seemed.

Ghost Blood by Kelli Owen: A concession stand worker struggles with the ability to see old blood stains.

Last Call at the Sudden Death Saloon by Allan Leverone – A skeptical freelance journalist seeking out supernatural tales finds himself in the most haunted town in America.

The Ring of Truth by Thomas F. Monteleone: A doctor learns how deep the scars of battle really go.

The Gravedigger’s Story by Kathryn Meyer Griffith: An elderly gravedigger with the gift of seeing ghosts is on his way to retirement when his granddaughter comes to him with a special request.

The Putpocket by Alan M. Clark: A young boy learns where those mysterious items that just seem up appear in our pockets come from.

Swamp Vengeance by Brian Moreland: A husband discovers his wife is cheating on him and hands out some true Florida Man justice. His regret soon turns to terror when he tries to take it back.

Portrait by Kealan Patrick Burke: After her mother passes away under strange circumstances, a little girl’s father helps her start over with the gift of her portrait.


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