The Tiny Pumpkin Takes A Trip

Patch the tiny pumpkin had become bored. She had been sitting in the same spot for a very long time. It was nice to see the humans come and go from the churchyard, but once it started to get dark and the gates were closed for the night, there wasn’t much to keep her entertained.

At least she had her best friend, Boobury the ghost, to keep her company. He floated over every night to visit and they would talk about their days.

“What’s over there, Boobury?” Patch asked. “On the other side of the path.”

“That’s the graveyard,” he said. “That’s where I live.”

“Do you think I could visit?”

Patch was hopeful, but the idea of going somewhere new also made her nervous. Who knew what kinds of things might be over there?

Boobury liked that idea. “That would be a lot of fun!” He said.

“But how can I get there?” Patch asked. “I am only a tiny pumpkin and cannot walk.”

The two friends sat and thought. And they thought, and they thought, and they thought. As they tried to think of an idea, Barnabus the owl landed on his usual branch in the tree beside Patch.

“What are you two doing, hoo?” He asked.

“We’re trying to think of a way to get Patch over to the graveyard,” Boobury replied.

“Oh, I can help with that, hoo,” Barnabus said. “If you find me a rope, we can tie it around the tiny pumpkin and I will carry her over with it.”

“You’d do that?” Patch said. She shined a little brighter with happiness.

“Anything for my friends, hoo!” Barnabus answered.

Boobury set off in search of a rope. He came back a little bit later with a coil of rope in his arms. He held it up to show Barnabus.

“Will this work?” He asked.

“Oh yes,” the owl nodded. “Make sure you tie it tight!”

Patch was still nervous while Boobury tied the rope around her. Maybe it would be too scary to go on such a trip!

“I’ll be ok, right?” Patch looked up at Boobury, who nodded.

“We won’t let anything bad happen to you. I promise!”

Patch put on her best determined face and nodded.

When Boobury was done knotting the rope, he held the other end up to Barnabus. The owl swooped down, took the rope in his claws, and started to fly towards the graveyard. Boobury followed below.

Patch was lifted off the ground. She thought she might be scared of flying, but the wind felt so nice on her face and she enjoyed swinging freely through the air. She wasn’t even the tiniest bit afraid!

They passed over the path, the farthest Patch had ever gone, but then, she felt the rope becoming loose around her. The tiny pumpkin gave a tiny shout as the knot came undone and she rolled to the ground.

She landed on her stem and blinked her triangle eyes. Everything sure looked different when she was upside down. It was kind of nice to see things in a new way, she thought while Boobury and Barnabus hurried over.

“Are you ok?” Boobury asked.

“Yes,” Patch said. “But we still haven’t made it to the graveyard!”

“I guess I can’t carry you after all, hoo,” Barnabus said.

He had bent over and twisted himself so that he was almost upside down, too. He looked very silly! Patch giggled.

“What do we do now?” Boobury asked.

“Maybe I can help,” a voice said shyly.

A possum had popped up from behind a nearby rock. She was grey and black and white and had her tail held in her paws. She waved the tip of it at them.

“I could roll the tiny pumpkin to the graveyard.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful!” Patch said. “My name is Patch, and these are my friends, Boobury and Barnabus.”

“I’m Rosie,” the possum smiled.

She hopped over and turned Patch on to her side.

“Are you ready?” Rosie asked.

“Yes!” All three replied.

With Boobury and Barnabus close behind, Rosie began to roll Patch across the grass. It tickled and she became dizzy from being rolled so fast, but what fun it was! Soon all them were laughing.

When they finally reached the middle of the graveyard, Rosie straightened Patch and gave her a gentle pat.

The graveyard was very large and there were many ghosts like Boobury around. A band of them were playing lively music beneath a large weeping willow and a dance party had started! Even the tree was shaking it’s hanging branches!

“This is my favorite song!” Boobury said.

“We should join them, hoo,” Barnabus suggested.

That sounded like a good idea to Patch.

“Thank you for your help, Rosie! Would you like to stay and dance with us?” Patch asked.

“I would like that very much!” Rosie replied.

She spun Patch over to the group of dancers and the tiny pumpkin and her friends spent all night boogying with the ghosts.

When morning came and it was time to return to her spot, Patch felt very warm and happy inside. Going on a trip had seemed scary, she hadn’t known what to expect! But with the help of Boobury, Barnabus, and her new friend, Rosie, she had tried new things and gone to a new place, and it had been very worth it indeed.


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