Where I’ve Been

I haven't been posting much lately and the reason is twofold: First, I won't be posting many, if any, short stories online anymore. The community that I've been part of for three years has become a hunting ground for thieves and, as much as I've loved my time there, I think it best to keep... Continue Reading →

Writing Update

Short stories: I wrote a Halloween themed story that I’ve submitted to The NoSleep Podcast. Really hoping it makes it on! I’ll post the text to my site closer to Oct. 31st regardless ‘cos I really like it 🙂 YA Medieval Fantasy Novel: 8,500 words in and feeling good! Almost finished with chapter 4. Still... Continue Reading →

Writing Goals For This Week

1. Script writing for Calling Darkness: The Podcast 2. Start YA novella 3. Write next portion of Ungodly Mountain (which will not be posted online, I’m turning it into a novella. I’ll be offering free copies to those who have been reading the series and are interested!) Busy busy busy!

Writing agenda for this week

1. Write my parts for my awesome collab with an awesome writer friend! 2. Rewrite pilot for Calling Darkness Keeping it simple this week! If I get these done, then I’ll work on an update for Ungodly Mountain.

Weekly Writing Schedule

OK SO! It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve written anything and I think that’s enough time to feel rejuvenated. It’s time to make a schedule! Today: Chapter 3 of Caw & Order Tomorrow: My portion of a collab with a good friend Thursday: Start pilot script for Calling Darkness Friday: Finish pilot script, write... Continue Reading →

Today’s The Day!

MY SECOND BOOK IS OFFICIALLY OUT IN EBOOK AND PAPERBACK FORMAT!! It’s been months and months in the making, but my second book is officially out in e-book and paperback format! From Twisted Roots is a horror anthology about the ups and downs of family life. It includes 5 brand new, book exclusive tales &... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget: FREE Book!

My second book, From Twisted Roots, is currently available for FREE in return for an honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. JUST CLICK HERE! Reviews are an indie authors lifeblood so if you do choose to grab a copy, please please please make sure you review honestly!!    

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