A Little More About Me

I’m Pippinacious or Shcooper, whichever you prefer, and I’ll be your host this…whatever time of day it is. I want to thank you for joining us! If you’re just tuning in, you’re probably aware that I’m an author, but did you know that I’m also involved in some pretty awesome projects aside from my short... Continue Reading →



For the past few months, I’ve been working with the wonderful team at Haunted House Publishing to bring you my second anthology, From Twisted Roots. With 21 pre-released stories, including favorites like Fran and Jock and The Ringing In My Ear, and 5 book exclusive tales, it explores the best and worst of the very... Continue Reading →

I’ve Started Submitting To Magazines

It's nerve wracking and I'm overly realistic about the odds of my stories being selected, but I feel good about putting myself out there and taking a big step towards spreading my work to new audiences. Gotta risk a million rejections to find that single "Yes" waiting somewhere out there.

To Any Writers Just Starting Out

Don’t sell yourself short for “exposure”. Don’t be bullied into letting people use your work when you’d rather say no. Don’t listen when people tell you that you NEED them to succeed. Believe in yourself and your work and keep trying; the rest will come.

What kind of stories do you guys enjoy?

I write a wide range of horror, everything from realistic to supernatural to downright heartwarming. What do you guys look for in your horror? Do you enjoy ghosts (like me), monsters, happy endings? Comment below and let me know!


Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm S.H. Cooper, aka Pippinacious, and I've been writing horror since 2016. Before then, I'd written mostly fantasy, but a long lasting bout of writer's block demanded a change, so here we are! I started on Reddit's NoSleep, which has led to some of my stories... Continue Reading →

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