Victorian Ghost Story WIP: Chapter One

Chapter One The house inherited me as much as I did it. We were alike, this house and I. Both filled with bones that creaked and dark hallways where memories lingered still. At 43, I was an oddity. By my matronly age, there were expectations, and I’d failed to meet them all. Truth be told,... Continue Reading →


I am so very pleased and proud to reveal the cover for my upcoming YA fantasy novel, The Knight’s Daughter, illustrated beautifully by the immensely talented Jörn Meyer. 20 years from first draft to completion, Mary McThomas is coming April 1, 2020! I was originally going to release THE KNIGHT'S DAUGHTER in late April/May, but... Continue Reading →

Need A Break?

Recently I compiled a list of my most wholesome horror stories on Reddit to offer a brief, heartwarming distraction from reality. Enjoy! Fran & Jock Man Up Ring Once Guardian Breed Papa G Bad Feeling My Lucky Charm The Past Repeats The O'Sullivan Song So Much Filler Guilty Secrets Cackling Grackles Infestation Lesson of The... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Horror WIP: Chapter One

The bell didn’t ring anymore. The only call that came from its tower was a shudder, dull and lifeless as Jacquin. He had always said his beloved bell, which he had rung every day for the last twenty years, would sing him to his final sleep. And now he hung from its pull rope, granting... Continue Reading →

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