Book Review: The Possession of Natalie Glasgow by Hailey Piper

As you can see by the image, I did a buddy read of Hailey Piper’s The Possession of Natalie Glasgow with my cat. He didn’t try to eat any of the pages, which should tell you that this is a Good Book! I’m not actually a fan of possession stories. They’ve never been my jam.... Continue Reading →

Between The Pages

My son loved books. If the only thing the kid ever got as a gift was books, he’d have been the happiest person on earth. No idea where he got it from; his dad and I could barely bother skimming short news articles, much less intentionally sit down to slog through a book. Cole, though.... Continue Reading →

The Broken Man

Out off the old county road, there’s a path that runs through the woods. It cuts across to what passes for a downtown around here. The trail itself isn’t much to write home about, just some wooden planks laid down to mark its edges and the occasional sign nailed to trees warning people not to... Continue Reading →

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