Calling Darkness’ teaser trailer is out today!

Gather round, my little pretties, this is an important matter. Strange issues and odd behaviors with podcast apps are being reported everywhere. How about yours? Random podcasts are opening and closing, some podcasts are speaking only Latin, episodes can’t be paused and play at slow tempo; it’s like the phone is possessed. Could it be our darling little podcast that everyone is subscribing to and downloading?

Calling Darkness Podcast is now available throughout the realm on iTunes and other major podcast apps, and we dare you to download our newest teaser. We reveal a bit more of what exactly is going on with our six women, and a central character makes a surprise visit. Are you brave enough to download and subscribe to your destiny? Make sure to search “Calling Darkness Podcast”

To those who already subscribed to Calling Darkness: CHECK YOUR FEEDS!!

And stay tuned for Calling Darkness Season One, Launching February 2019!

Click the link below to go straight to the episode without using a podcast app:

Copy the RSS link below and paste it to your podcast app if you can’t find us in search:

Click the link below to learn more about the characters:

Join our Facebook fan group:

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