Marian walked out during dinner. We’d been eating quietly, a rare thing in our house, when she’d asked to borrow the car to go to a party later in the week. Mom said no. Marian was already grounded for sneaking out and coming home smelling like booze. The quiet was gone. Marian was shouting, so... Continue Reading →


I was over the moon when I got my job. The local market for medical assistants had become saturated since the community college started an accelerated program that churned us out like an assembly line and landing an interview, much less employment, seemed like a miracle. I'd heeded every warning that the program head had... Continue Reading →


I used to run a vlog/comedy channel on YouTube, GoodEeveening. I say used to because I shut it down recently. The whole thing, three years of content, gone with a single click of a button. I didn’t even say goodbye to any of my 248,000 followers. I didn’t feel safe anymore. I still don’t. I... Continue Reading →

The Best Night Of His Life

Granting final requests is a kindness that my company specializes in. While we offer our services to anyone in need of them, our primary clientele is the elderly. Oftentimes their desires are simple: Sit with me, listen to me, remind me that I’m worthwhile. Remind me that I’m still human. It’s a heartbreaking line of... Continue Reading →

Kawaii Hai!!

Julien was arrested when he was fifteen. The cops said it would be a pretty open and shut case: traces of the victim’s blood were found on his keyboard and the murder weapon was on his desk beside him. I wasn’t home when they swarmed our house with a warrant. I didn’t have to see... Continue Reading →

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