Be Kind, Please Rewind

BY: MARCUS DAMANDA & S.H. Cooper “No, that’s a mistake. I don’t owe you shit.” It was a rough morning at the return counter.  Summoning patience, I said to him, “It was due last night.”  “I got here first thing—no one’s had a chance to rent the stupid video yet—and you’re charging me a late... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop

If you’re not from around here, you probably won’t believe me. Most don’t. I try to warn them just the same, but touristy types always seem to think they know better than the locals. Even after they learn about Tank Hawburn, whose car was found in the ditch about fifty years back. His blood was... Continue Reading →

Writing agenda for this week

1. Write my parts for my awesome collab with an awesome writer friend! 2. Rewrite pilot for Calling Darkness Keeping it simple this week! If I get these done, then I’ll work on an update for Ungodly Mountain.

Silent Witness

Cassandra’s case came to me in a discreet, padded envelope delivered right to my door. I'd been expecting it for days after I got a call from Detective Smitty requesting my transcription services. A brief note had been included, telling me that Smitty, a ten year old girl, and her court appointed caregiver were present,... Continue Reading →

Dolly Dearest

I wasn’t allowed to have friends when I was little. Children were loud and messy and got into everything. Mommy wasn’t well and she couldn’t handle that sort of thing. I wasn’t even enrolled in school. Mommy took care of all of my lessons. I was an advanced reader from an early age and I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Writing Schedule

OK SO! It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve written anything and I think that’s enough time to feel rejuvenated. It’s time to make a schedule! Today: Chapter 3 of Caw & Order Tomorrow: My portion of a collab with a good friend Thursday: Start pilot script for Calling Darkness Friday: Finish pilot script, write... Continue Reading →

Fat Camp

I was an addict. I denied it for a long time, came up with excuses as to why what I was doing was ok, convinced myself that I wasn't hurting anyone, so it didn't really matter, all the typical justification that are shouted up from the depths of a downward spiral. When Mom noticed, she... Continue Reading →

The Victorian Ideal

I hadn't wanted to go out that night. I was tired and grumpy after a long week of work, but Angie convinced me. "A few beers, some dancing, you'll feel all better!" "I really think I'd rather stay home." I told her. "I'm already halfway there, so hang up, get ready, and put a damn... Continue Reading →

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