Guardian Breed

I was eleven and the world was safe. It was four o’clock on a Wednesday in April. I was the only person home, same as most weekdays. And, same as most weekdays, I was leashing up our lhasa apso, Bumble, for his walk. He was big for his breed, although still a small dog, and... Continue Reading →

The Past Repeats

Sage had always been a very normal kid except for the stories. It wasn't that they were disturbing or horrific; they were just unusual. Sometimes they seemed exactly like the kind of thing you'd expect from a little girl, but other times, I'd have to look at her and wonder how she came up with... Continue Reading →

A Little More About Me

I’m Pippinacious or Shcooper, whichever you prefer, and I’ll be your host this…whatever time of day it is. I want to thank you for joining us! If you’re just tuning in, you’re probably aware that I’m an author, but did you know that I’m also involved in some pretty awesome projects aside from my short... Continue Reading →


I’ve been told I have something of a bleeding heart. I never saw it as an issue, though. People got the help they needed, I felt good about it, it was a win win. Before Maxine, though, it had always been little stuff: just a few bucks to one friend here, fostering another friend’s dog... Continue Reading →

I Shared A Room With Abigail

Abigail Winters had died 75 years before we met. She was seven, like me, and she liked dolls and needlepoint and wearing pretty ribbons in her hair. I didn’t like any of those things, but I liked Abigail all the same. My family had lived in the large Victorian house at 23 Grofford’s Field Lane... Continue Reading →

There Once Was A Girl

Mrs. Dawson wasn't doing well. As soon as September had arrived and the weather had started to turn, so, too, had her health. While it wasn't unusual to see that sort of thing working in an assisted living facility, I just hadn't expected it to happen to Mrs. Dawson, especially not so quickly. She was... Continue Reading →

If I Don’t See Them

If I don’t see them, they won’t see me. If I don’t see them, they won’t see me. If I don’t see them… It was my childhood mantra. I’d repeat it to myself whenever I was alone and afraid. It helped keep the monsters at bay. No one else seemed to know they were there.... Continue Reading →

The Vanishing Ground

I messed up bad It was the first thing I'd heard from my younger brother in over a week. When the screen lit up with his text notification, though, I just rolled my eyes and pushed my phone further away. He was prone to sending me that kind of message as a lead up to... Continue Reading →

Discarded Shoes

Whenever I see a shoe lying off to the side of the road, I think of my grandpa. He was terrified of them. During the school year when I was a kid and my parents were working, Grandpa would be the one to drive me in. We lived a few miles outside of town in... Continue Reading →

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