I’ve Started Submitting To Magazines

It’s nerve wracking and I’m overly realistic about the odds of my stories being selected, but I feel good about putting myself out there and taking a big step towards spreading my work to new audiences. Gotta risk a million rejections to find that single “Yes” waiting somewhere out there.

One thought on “I’ve Started Submitting To Magazines

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  1. Yes, you have to have a very thick skin. It does not necessarily mean that your writing is not good, but the story might not be what that magazine is looking for at that time. In one of my cases, I got the yes from 2 sub-editors, and received early paperwork to sign, before the main editor called me on the phone. The article I had written was from a woman point of view, but I am a guy. The editor asked for the MRS that wrote the article, and I said, I did. No MRS. She told me a mistake had been made and told me not send my paperwork. I could have gotten mad, but instead, I used it for learning.

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