Good Girl

I was woken up by the sound of whining and scratching outside my bedroom door. "Go lie down, Mystic." I mumbled from the depths of my pillow. As soon as I spoke, the sounds ceased and the house became still and silent once again. A thought crept its way through my sleep soaked mind, a... Continue Reading →


Crinklebottom had been passed down in my family for the past couple of generations; a nighttime companion to help ward off bad dreams and those pesky monsters who live under the bed. In his first incarnation, he was a stuffed brown bear with button eyes that my great grandmother sewed for my grandfather when he... Continue Reading →

The Crone’s Wood

Hope makes you dumb. It makes you forgetful and blind and overly eager, especially when you're a teen girl on the outs with your best, and pretty much only, friend. It was a tale as old as time; two childhood besties who pinky swore to never, ever stop being friends grew up and grew apart.... Continue Reading →

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