My mom was the one who “suggested” I volunteer at the little history museum in the park. Her idea of suggesting was signing me up and popping her head in my room later on to tell me I was expected to show up the following Saturday at 7 AM. “It'll look good on your college... Continue Reading →


The steak was the first thing to go missing. I'd left it to defrost in the fridge overnight, but by morning, only the plate it had been sitting on remained. I asked my husband, Connor, about it, but he said he hadn't touched it, and our seven year old son, Jamie, was so thoroughly grossed... Continue Reading →

My Brother’s Voice

I should have known better than to pull off on an unlit, backwoods road, but it was my first instinct when I noticed my car pulling to one side with the telltale limp of a flat tire. I groaned, hitting the heel of my hand against the steering wheel. I could change a flat without... Continue Reading →

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