So Much Filler

Some people, I thought, are just meant to be filler. Background characters only created to decorate the world for the main players. We work, we have a few hobbies, a handful of friends, we exist, but we don't matter. It was true for me, anyway. Every day, I'd wake up at 7 am, shower, have... Continue Reading →

Fenced In

My mother tried her best to keep me and my brother, Miles, out of the woods behind our house. It was too dangerous, she’d say. We could trip and fall and hurt ourselves. We could get lost. Two little boys could get into all kinds of trouble out there. She went so far as to... Continue Reading →

An Unusual Collection

Never had the phrase “You can't be crazy when you're rich, only eccentric” been more accurate than when applied to my uncle. He'd made a fortune developing some kind of military grade software that I won't even pretend to understand and, after retiring at the ripe old age of 42, had decided to spend his... Continue Reading →

The Girls of Green Meadow

Once upon a time, my hometown decided it wanted to try and get its name on the map. It was the height of the real estate bubble and people were buying, developers were building, and our small city was looking forward to a sudden and steady growth spurt. The thing about bubbles, though, is that... Continue Reading →

The Disappearing Pets

No one noticed when the strays started to go missing. It was just a cat here, another there, nothing too unusual for feral animals. Even as a kid, I was used to them coming and going of their own accord and sometimes wouldn't see them for months. It was just how things worked in a... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Lesson

My daddy put the “good” in good old boy. He was hardworking, stoic, and he kept his mouth shut unless there was something that needed saying. All he wanted out of life as to drive his trucks, make his living, and take care of his wife and kids; the rest was just background noise. I... Continue Reading →

The Hangman’s Tree

There wasn't much for a young boy to do in my hometown. It was all long stretches of tired looking strip malls and gated communities for the snowbirds to flock to when autumn set in up north; very South Florida chic. It was the kind of place where an eight-screen movie theater opening up at... Continue Reading →

Moomaw’s Curses

When you're a scrawny, awkward kid from a poor family, you're going to be teased. A lot. It's just one of those inescapable universal truths that nobody questions. Still, you expect it to remain almost exclusively a peer-thing; something that your classmates do when there aren't any adults looking. Even if the teachers happen to... Continue Reading →

Putting Lipstick On A Pig

Except for the whole murder thing, Courtney James seemed like a lovely young woman. She was bright, articulate, a dedicated college student and well liked waitress at a popular restaurant. I met her when she was sitting in an interrogation room at the precinct. She was a bit on the larger side, dressed conservatively in... Continue Reading →

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