Her Last Call

When my mother told me that Catarina was coming to stay with us for a few days, I immediately started going through all the stages of grief. First, I tried to deny that it was going happen, to which Mom just replied that I'd have a say in house guests once I started paying half... Continue Reading →

The Rosie Hour

I was a directionless kid when I got out of high school. Solidly average grades, never heavily involved with any particular extra curriculars, no lifelong dream driving me to a particular field. I was just drifting along, letting life's current take me wherever. I knew I needed a job after graduation, but my options were... Continue Reading →

Spider Bites

It started with just an insect bite. Of course, for Max, it was never "just" anything. It was always a precursor to something much bigger, something that would surely be the death of him! So when he ran in and shoved his foot into my face, my first reaction after disgust was to roll my... Continue Reading →

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